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​​​OpenMind, LLC

OpenMind was established in 2014 and organized as OpenMind, LLC in 2018. Offering an approach of Self-discovery, OpenMind serves as an exploratory body of inquiry into the wholeness of human nature. This inquiry is both personal and collective, and has formed an exploration into growth and learning through yogic movement, meditative wisdom, and expressive arts.


OpenMind draws from my own creative learning process, as I've dedicated 40+ years to inner inquiry. Registered Yoga Teacher, Bachelor Degree-holder in Human Energy-Consciousness, Presenter of The 3 Doors (Body-Speech-Mind) meditative practices as established by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, I am fascinated in our capacity to learn and our supportive structures for growth. Continuing my learning process, I am currently working toward certification as a Somatic Movement Educator.

OpenMind is my studio space to explore elements of the creative learning process, sourcing ways to support the dynamic responsiveness of inner learning that is vital and creative.

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the unseen and overlooked, hidden below the threshold of awareness. As a meditator, I investigate patterns and blocks that eclipse knowing recognition of wholeness and inherent goodness. As an artist, I discover new points of connection within a constellation of elements; new ways of seeing that invigorate and inspire me to begin fresh again and again.

In a brushless technique, I work upon a flat canvas with acrylics and the movement of water. Through pours and spray, time and gravity, each piece is an open process of flow and fluidity. With no attempt at representation and leaving behind any deliberate mark making, organic patterns reveal themselves through the interplay of elements. Working with a minimal color palette, I pay meticulous attention to each subtle nuance, following the organic momentum with surprise and delight. Here, the horizon of perception becomes my threshold for discovery.