mind-body awareness 
studio sessions

Inherent yet mostly dormant, resources of renewal can to be sourced and activated for greater development of character.

OpenMind focuses on the uniqueness of the individual and the rich resources that lie inherent within.

With an emphasis on creative learning, OpenMind promotes Healthy Mindful Habits that contribute to character growth and development through mind-body awareness.

Providing studio space and positive encouragement, we believe it is possible for anyone to learn, apply, and build Healthy Mindful Habits.

Welcoming all learning styles, skill levels, value and belief systems, OpenMind invites anyone with interest to explore conscious habits of health and mindfulness.

art & meditation

​​Eastern traditions have cultivated resources of renewal through wisdom practices over thousands of years. With growing interest and conditions in our favor, these practices are migrating westward. Not traditionally taught or mirrored in western society, these common eastern methodologies yield insight into self-awareness through mind-body awareness. 

Building Healthy Mindful Habits through Art and Meditation



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Mind-body awareness


OpenMind offers studio sessions focused on inner orientation and mind-body awareness for greater self-awareness through art and meditation.