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art & meditation

OpenMind offers studio sessions focused on inner orientation and mind-body awareness for greater self-awareness through art and meditation. 

Mind-body awareness

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mind-body awareness 
studio sessions

OpenMind offers exploration and discovery within inherent yet mostly dormant resources of renewal that lie within. OpenMind presents methods of exploration through deep listening and open receptivity. Emphasis is on inner orientation and inner learning. Promoting joy and wonder, emphasis is upon open respect and gentle acceptance.

Discover body, breath, and mind as uncommon ground for greater self-awareness.

Providing studio space and positive encouragement, OpenMind supports creative inner learning.

Welcoming all learning styles, skill levels, value and belief systems, OpenMind welcomes exploration and discovery through art and meditation. 

art & meditation

​​Welcome to exploration and discovery in OpenMind. Focusing on the uniqueness of the individual and the rich resources that lie inherent within, OpenMind offers studio sessions of inner orientation and mind-body awareness through art and meditation.