Discover new creative freedom to explore wholeness and goodness and the rich resources that lie inherent within.

OpenMind draws from my 40+ years of meditative practice and its creative unfolding. I am Cheryl Preston and look forward to welcoming you to my studio.  

art & meditation
Inner orientation 

OpenMind supports exploration and discovery of inherent, yet mostly dormant, inner resources of renewal.

Join me in a collaborative exploration of renewal and discovery. Explore a new inner orientation of spacious awareness. Explore three doorways of discovery through body, breath, and mind. Discover inner resource through deep listening and open receptivity.

​​Welcome to my studio space of exploration and discovery through art and meditation. Focusing on the uniqueness of the individual and the rich resources that lie inherent within, OpenMind offers a creative learning environment of inner orientation and mind-body awareness through art and meditation.



exploration & discovery

OpenMind supports the discovery of inner creative learning and healthy mindful habits. Promoting exploration through body, breath, and mind, discover resources of renewal through art and meditation  

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mind-body awareness 
Mind-body awareness